Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's been a while, huh?

Yes, it sure has been a long time since I updated this darn thing. I think part of the reason is that emotionally, I have been doing OK. I came back to my blogging earlier on when I just had all this emotion inside of me that I had to put out somewhere. I figured if I put all of my thoughts into typed words, that it would cathartic. And it was. But then, silly me, felt that I would feel better. Well, I did but then I realized that it helped me to deal with the thoughts rather than "get over them." I find I still cry randomly. Mostly when I am driving alone. I think of LJ's past or all the possibilities of the future and the tears come. Sometimes just starring at him is enough to do it. He is just so amazing and the thought of how fragile his life is just really cripples me at times. BUT, not as much as it used to. It doesn't build up too quickly since I have been able to put a lot of my worries here.

So enough with the heavy stuff. What has been going on here? Looks like May was the last time I updated. SOOOO we went camping Memorial weekend and the weekend of the 4th of July. Camping is something the husband and I share as a hobby. We bought a camper last year and we are finally putting it to good use. The plus side is that we are always dry, it helps with the storage of alot of our camping gear, and we have kitchen convinces. However, it is incredibly expensive to tow which nearly contradicts why we wanted it. We are lucky to have enough parks within 4 hours of us that at least makes it do-able. The kiddos love going out into nature and I love that the hiking all day makes them crash at the end of the day. Here is little miss on a hiking trip

And of course, the boy

We've filled our summer with trips to the park, swimming, biking, visiting grandparents, and camping trips. It is hard to believe that the summer coming to and end. Somehow, in the middle of winter, the dreams of summer make it seem so long with an infinite amount of time to get and out "do things."

A new adventure for Kait this summer was dance class. For months she has begged to take ballet. So I caved and signed her up. Leotard, tights, dance bag, tap shoes and ballet shoes bought. She was in absolute heaven the first three times she went. THEN, the last two times she decided that she wanted a long break. To be honest, I wanted to be "that parent" to makes her keep going because, well, she is just so darn cute when she does it and it was quite a bit of start up money to get all the gear. But I know better, I told her we have to finish out the session and then she can take a break. But I also reminded her that anytime she wants to go back, she can. I hope she misses it :) In the mean time, she still loves gymnastics and we continue to go to that weekly.

Well I will wrap this up for now. I have more things to post about but I will try to space them out. I think I will be back regularly for a while now. Not because I am struggling, but really, just to share about life.

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